Keep Your Kids 
Safe Online!

Get the all new Net Nanny® for visibility, protection 
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The most trusted parental control software now has all-new screen time parenting features for visibility into and control over your child's online activity!

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Get peace of mind with the best parental control software on the market.

Parental Controls

Internet Filter

Be in control of your family’s online activity with the 
#1-rated Internet filter.

Screen Time Management

Tailor your family’s screen time and set specific hours of the day when your child can be online.

Alerts & Reporting

Review detailed reports and set up alerts about your child’s online activity.

Net Nanny is wonderful. I have 3 very curious young boys who want to search the Internet. With Net Nanny I don't have to worry about what they will see because I can block the dangerous content.  

Tricia B.
Mother of 3

 The #1 Rated Parental Control Software

How it Works

Visit to choose the account type that is right for your family.
Use your account to set up Net Nanny on each device you wish to protect. Simply grab the device and visit
Net Nanny provides an App for your mobile phones and a web Parent Dashboard accessible from any device with an Internet connection.
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The #1 Rated Parental Control Software
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Block apps, filter online content, track screen time, turn the Internet off, set schedules and curfews, and know the location of your child's primary device. 

Block apps, filter online content, track screen 
time and more!

Take back control of your family’s screen time with the most trusted parental control software used by millions of parents since 1996.

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Keep Your Kids Safe Online!

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Get the all new Net Nanny® for 
visibility, protection 
and peace of mind!

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Get Net Nanny® The Trusted Safety Solution!

Blocks dangerous content and apps on iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows and Mac!

Get Net Nanny® The Trusted Safety Solution!

Blocks dangerous content and apps on 
iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows!  

Get Net Nanny® The Trusted Safety Solution!

Blocks dangerous content and apps on 
iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows!  

Net Nanny® is the original and most recognized Parental Control software in the world. It was founded in 1993 (before Google, Facebook, or Amazon!) to protect kids and families from dangerous online content. As technology and kids have evolved, Net Nanny® has continued to invest in technology to ensure parents have the tools they need to keep their child safe and productive in the online world, on all popular device types. Net Nanny® is, and always has been, the technology leader in parental control software.

Other products don’t actually filter; instead they have catalogs of websites that they can block based on category.  But parts of the web that were safe yesterday can be dangerous today because users post new content all the time. That’s why Net Nanny® worked for years to develop active filtering technology that looks at every web page every time your kids click on a link, enter a URL or do search. Net Nanny® is the safest Content Filtering solution available and is accurate the instant web content is requested.

Why is Net Nanny’s filter the best?

Why should I trust Net Nanny®?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other unique benefits of Net Nanny’s technology?

You can customize Net Nanny for your child’s needs in ways no other parental control software allows:

Profanity Masking: replace profanity with ####. No more worrying about foul language in web traffic (like in comments) on otherwise safe sites! 

(You can also mask any words and/or phrases of your choice.)

How does Net Nanny® help protect my child’s personal information?

Other parental controls transfer your child’s online data to cloud-based Internet services, which heightens the risk that the data could be captured, viewed or sold by 3rd parties, including unwanted advertisers.   Net Nanny® active filtering technology runs directly on your child’s device or computer. This ensures that personal information and online activity stays safe and private.   With Net Nanny® your child’s personal data stays on their device.

An added benefit of this technology is that Net Nanny® applies the rules and settings to your child’s devices anywhere and anytime. Your rules follow your child’s devices wherever they go.

How accurate is Net Nanny?

Because Net Nanny® looks at web content as it arrives, it is the most accurate Content Filtering solution available. Other competitors rely on outdated lists, or wait for a new website to be reported and added to their known list of sites. Net Nanny® sees the content and takes immediate action, determining if inappropriate or unwanted content is being sent to your kid’s devices and instantly blocks it. Net Nanny® is the only solution that can instantly detect and block inappropriate web posts, user generated content, and real-time changes to a websites. 

Accurately Measure Screen Time: Allocate maximum screen time across all of a child’s connected devices.  (We don’t just monitor when the internet is used.  We measure how much time your child is using their devices.)  When screen time is exceeded, no more internet!
(You can create schedules and apply curfews as well.)

Now Introducing Custom Filters

With Net Nanny’s new Custom Content Filter, now you can define a specific list of words or phrases of concern so that you can block or be alerted to web pages that feature that content. This can be helpful when a new topic, trend or dangerous content is a problem in your home or your community

You can define a specific list of words or phrases of concern so that you can block or be alerted to web pages that feature that content.