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Net Nanny is wonderful. I have 3 very curious young boys who want to search the Internet. With Net Nanny I don't have to worry about what they will see because I can block the dangerous content.

Tricia B.



Our kids were having too much screen time. We set up Net Nanny and they are now getting more creative with their time! Love it!

Monique F.



It not only prevents and protects children but it also helps adults as well avoid any temptations.

Brandon H.



What Parents are saying about Net Nanny

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Families can use Net Nanny to protect their household from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and other threats that compromise online safety. Net Nanny's award-winning technology filters, monitors, and blocks unsafe materials while allowing kids access to the Internet. 

Independent Tests Confirm Quality

Net Nanny clearly beats the competition with a more comprehensive internet filter than any other on the market. PCMag.com, which annually tests parental control software, says Net Nanny “still has the best content filtering around” in this year’s Editor’s Choice Awards.

Not all parental controls offer such quality. Most rely on “blacklists” and “whitelists” of sites. This is problematic for several reasons. First, those lists grow stale almost immediately. Second, the lists are not inclusive – in particular, social media sites are not likely to be covered. And third, children are only two clicks away from dangerous content even while surfing innocent sites like Wikipedia and YouTube.

Net Nanny puts YOU in control of the Internet so you can protect your kids.

Enjoy a Clean and Safe Internet
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The Trusted Parental Control

Block Apps and Filter Web Content on any Device


Time Management
Set the total number of Internet hours in a day.
Mask Profanity
View a web page without being bombarded by vulgar language.
Internet Filter
Set filtering for 18 categories of 
online content.

Net Nanny offers a variety of features to help protect your family. Its award-winning technology offers a safe solution for web browsing and internet use, while still maintaining the functionality of appropriate websites.

Parental Controls
Have complete visibility and control 
over your child’s online activity.
Block Pornography
Block access to pornography 
and other adult content.

"Net Nanny is fully at home in the modern, multi-device world of parental control, and it still has the best content filtering around. Net Nanny is a parental control Editor's Choice" - PCMag.com

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